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Denby Dale Walkers are Welcome

Hello and welcome to Denby Dale Walkers are Welcome. Denby Dale is a West Yorkshire village on the edge of the Pennines between Huddersfield, Wakefield, Barnsley and Sheffield.


Its origins draw on a rich heritage, from Vikings to Celtic links in Cumberworth, plus strong associations with Quaker and Methodists. The ‘chartist’ movement thrived within the industrial revolution here which in turn left its mark. It was also a staging place for traders making the journey with goods between Yorkshire and Lancashire. Farming has played a major role within the history of the area and still does today.


On a completely different note, the current Dr Who Jodie Whittaker was born and bred in Skelmanthorpe, and both she and Cersei from Games of Thrones, Lena Headey, were educated locally. So, you may follow some of the paths they have trod!


Today the legacy of its past provides a extensive network of footpaths and bridleways which were used as access between villages, churches, farms, mines, mills, pipeworks, breweries and other places of work as well as for goods traveling through the area. It is this rich heritage that has been used to develop a network of trails around Denby Dale and neighboring parishes to promote walking for both tourists to the area and local people to enjoy.

Walkers are Welcome is part of a national movement which aims to raise the profile of great places to walk in Britain. Local accreditation is designed to attract more walkers to the area and to encourage more local residents to take advantage of the many opportunities for exploring our undulating local countryside with its spectacular long views and fabulous skies.


In 2010 a local group of enthusiasts received grants from the East Peak Innovation Partnership (EPIP) to develop a network of paths with markers and associated information leaflets that made the basis for gained accreditation with WAW. In 2016 this was achieved and today we see more and more people enjoying the area. The website is intended as a information hub for walkers to the area and to promote local business who can provide all the services necessary to make ones journey enjoyable and a reason to come back.  

Plan a visit

Denby Dale


High Flatts

Clayton West


Upper and Lower Cumberworth

Upper and Lower Denby

Emley and Emley Moor



A quilt square produced by a local group for the WAW national quilt

Come walking within the countryside of Denby Dale district and discover the villages of;

They all have an individual charm with a rich and cultural heritage together with an excellent network of public rights of way.

Our group have developed 29 walks which includes 10 new walks for 2021. There are four ways of viewing the walks, train, circular, area and lastly a full index of all walks. All walks can be viewed online, downloaded for viewing offline, the newest 10 walks are printer friendly. A selection of the walks are also available at the Parish council offices and local stores who support our group. 

We hope local residents and visitors will enjoy the walks and the amenities the whole area has to offer, these are given in the Local page to this site. One of our key objectives is to support and publicise local businesses and people, so come and enjoy the countryside together with what we have to offer. 

Please use public transport if at all possible. The Penistone railway line and the local bus service provide and excellent means to access the area, details given in the Transport page to this site.

The links page provides lots of potentially useful information on other sites which can be used to explore or plan your visit to our area. 


Denby Dale Walkers are Welcome group is run by volunteers but is assisted and supported by Denby Dale Parish Council together with the the organisations listed below.

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